Presentation of me!

I came from a pastry chefs family in Venezuela: since I was a little girl I fell in love with the exiting environment that is a professional kitchen is. An incredible mixture of chaos, cleanliness, excitement, art and science.

Since then I have decided to follow my family tradition but instead of specializing only in pastry I decided to became a full chef:
the love for my profession has only grown since then. In 2016 I left my country, including my family, because of the current situation in Venezuela and relocated myself in Miami.

While I have been working in restaurants for most of my life I also travelled the world to learn about different cultures and local gastronomic costumes. In my kitchen style I now include the traditional and the modern, with an eye to the new trends , including special diets.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel constricted working in a restaurant: preparing food at home for my friends I have discovered the pleasure of an intimate relation with food and people that is lost in restaurants.

I now  rather have a direct contact with my guests in a more private, refined and magical environment, their kitchens or mine.

I open my beautiful beach penthouse for selected guests for limited occasions, where I share the pleasure and the excitement of preparing and savoring delicious food.